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How To Minimize Stress in Healthcare

How To Minimize Stress in Healthcare

Healthcare industries around the world continue to face an overwhelming number of workplace challenges, from aging populations and staff shortages to rising costs. These challenges place massive pressure on institutions, doctors, workers, patients, and communities. As a result, there is a higher demand for increased services and support, but those levels just aren’t sustainable with the current resources and methods hospitals have. To solve these problems, hospitals are turning to technology and automation to reduce the strain on an already fragile system. In fact, by 2022, 97% of nurses will use mobile devices at the bedside to instill greater patient confidence. Studies show that choosing the right clinical mobility solution can minimize stress, improve patient care, and simplify workflows since treatment data becomes instantly available at the caregiver’s hands. Clinical mobility has been proven to help hospitals eliminate manual, error-prone procedures and replace them with digital solutions that increase the accuracy of patient identification, ultimately streamlining processes to improve the quality of patient care, and operational visibility from admission to discharge.


Three Mobile Devices Currently Reducing Worker Fatigue in the Modern Hospital.

Your hospital can start eliminating stress today. Choose healthcare mobility solutions from SMG3Rx to help your clinicians and nurses keep stress out of the workplace so they can focus on what really matters.

  • Increase ease-of-use and productivity to new heights - Choose handheld healthcare smartphones for special healthcare features that put the user experience in a class of its own, benefits like the full HD, high capacity battery, and higher locationing applications improve patient experiences and equip your workers with power for a full shift.
  • Empower your clinicians with first-time, every time data capture - Clinicians often encounter adversity that other industries do not. For example, in healthcare, there can be tiny barcodes on microscope slides and curved barcodes on medication bottles, which can be challenging for a general purpose imager. Intelligent scanners are purpose-built for lab environments, offering unparalleled productivity and ease of use, so caregivers can capture small barcodes such as wristbands without disrupting care flows.
  • Ensure the efficiency of your healthcare system with rugged mobile printers - Your clinicians need a premium, quality printer that’s built to perform to its full potential every day. High-performing desktop printers help your clinicians focus on providing reliable patient care with industry-leading reliability and unprecedented intelligence.

Help your hospital adapt to stress. Choose mobility solutions from SMG3 to instill greater patient care and smoother workflows. Contact us today to start minimizing stress in your hospital.