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3 Pillars of Effective Asset Tracking in Hospitals

3 Pillars of Effective Asset Tracking in Hospitals

Asset tracking has become an essential element to reduce costs and improve patient services. Enabling asset tracking on important hospital devices can improve the peace of mind in your staff, enhance efficiency, and boost overall patient care. Asset tracking equips healthcare facilities with the power to adapt to constant demands, so time and money aren’t wasted and important equipment doesn’t go missing.

If you don’t have proper visibility, important data and assets could be misplaced, leaving your nurses and clinicians unprepared to face the everyday challenges presented by your hospital. Already, 10-20% of a hospital’s inventory goes missing or is misplaced every year, and staff can spend as much as 21 minutes looking for lost equipment. To empower your hospital staff with boosted visibility, here are the 3 pillars of effective asset tracking:

  1. Implement adaptable tracking tech - Monitor battery usage and asset location with Bluetooth, RFID, and visibility applications from SMG3Rx. SMG3Rx’s tracking solutions streamline crucial components onto a centralized dashboard for hospital admin to monitor. Additionally, SMG3Rx’s tracking solutions provide your staff with real-time visibility into every corner of your hospital to notify administrators of failing devices before they are unable to be tracked.
  2. Establish no-drop wireless connectivity - Effectively communicating in hospitals can be a big challenge because factors like radiation and X-ray rooms can affect the read ranges of tracking solutions and cause calls to be interrupted. Integrating no-drop wireless connectivity with SMG3’s WiFi Guys helps fix connectivity issues, disturbances, and signal drops. Create a smoother flow of information in your hospital with expert assistance.
  3. Simplify usability - Due to high demands, hospitals can't afford to wait for workers to learn new technologies. SMG3Rx combats this by providing businesses with handheld clinical smartphones that are built to resemble smartphones so training curves are reduced. Tracking scanners come in the form of sleds that match current mobile devices, thus eliminating the need to deploy and train employees on new devices.

Choose effective asset tracking solutions from SMG3Rx to boost efficiency and patient care. Contact us today to implement advanced visibility into your hospital.