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How IoT is Expected to Improve Patient Care

How IoT is Expected to Improve Patient Care

Enhancing patient care is critical to the success of your healthcare facility. One of the first steps towards ensuring this in your hospital is establishing effective communication and increasing process efficiency. Without effective communication and better efficiency on your healthcare floor, care workflows can be disrupted because of overlooked errors. Medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US.

However, with the rise of the internet of things, creating more effective communication and higher efficiency in hospitals is easier than it has ever been. IoT-enabled medical devices provide your workers and patients with a smoother exchange of insightful data. Implementing insightful data into your hospital allows healthcare staff and patients to communicate more effectively and improve efficiency. This smoother exchange of data from technology allows your nurses to perform their jobs more effectively. In fact, 82% of nurses believe technology positively impacts patient care. Additionally, approximately 90% of healthcare organizations have implemented or are planning to implement some kind of mobile device initiative.

  • Instant and efficient information sharing with doctors, nurses, and patients

  • Increased intelligence through the collection of data to collect and provide more detailed knowledge of diseases and treatments

  • Consistent, non-invasive data monitoring that reduces healthcare staff downtime, lowers costs, and delivers a more convenient patient care experience

Streamline patient care with reliable devices.

To receive the benefits of a connected hospital from IoT, you need to implement reliable medical devices into your operations. Mobile devices from SMG3Rx can streamline communication, efficiency, and productivity in your hospital to improve patient care. SMG3Rx helps improve patient care by...

  • Delivering an ultimate user experience - Choose handheld clinical smartphones for special healthcare features that put the user experience in a class of its own, benefits like higher durability, smoother multi-tasking, and an intuitive user interface improve patient experiences and productivity.

  • Empowering your healthcare staff with consistent data capture - In your hospital’s mission-critical environment, caregivers need to accurately capture virtually any barcode in any condition, on the first try. Workers can efficiently capture data with intelligent barcode scanners that are built to excel in the hospital with higher reading speeds to improve productivity.

  • Redefining healthcare durability - Your clinicians need a premium, quality printer that’s built to perform to its full potential every day. High-performing desktop printers help your clinicians focus on providing reliable patient care with industry-leading reliability and unprecedented intelligence. 

Choose mobility solutions from SMG3Rx to instill greater patient care and smoother workflows. Contact us today to implement higher levels of communication into your hospital.