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3 Ways Increasing Healthcare Communication Ensures Smoother Workflows

3 Ways Increasing Healthcare Communication Ensures Smoother Workflows

As noted in previous studies, improving communication in the modern hospital protects quality care by ensuring that workers can reach people any time, anywhere in the hospital. Without effective communication systems between nurses, doctors, administrators, and patients, workflows may become compromised by blindspots and overlooked errors. For example, medical errors stemming from communication gaps, negligence, and worker stress have been cited as the 3rd leading cause of death in the US. Furthermore, the Joint Commission found that  70% of medical errors are attributable to communication breakdowns. To improve communication, the healthcare industry is investing in mobility solutions. By integrating clinical mobility, hospitals can improve staff communication, make real-time access to medical records possible and ensure faster availability of lab results. Mobile devices enable nurses to spend more time at the patient’s bedside. Over 65% of nurse managers and IT executives cite improved communication and collaboration as the primary benefit of clinical mobility in patient care. 

Magnify your workforce communication and reduce stress with mobility solutions

Reliable and clear communication can transform hospitals by implementing efficient communication between colleagues. Choose healthcare mobility solutions from SMG3Rx to help your clinicians and nurses keep stress out of the workplace so they can prioritize patient care. Clinical mobility ensures smoother workflows with...

    1. Simplified communication by offering instantaneous delivery of important messages via secure text, voice, and data among doctors, nurses, and medical technicians. Real-time communication ensures that your staff is constantly connected for more effective and quicker collaboration.

    2. Protected focus - Mobility solutions can improve operations by reducing alarm fatigue. Alarm fatigue affects productivity, job satisfaction, and patient safety, but the right mobility solution prioritizes alarms from multiple medical devices so the alarms are directed to whoever needs them. Not only does this reduce stress on nurses and staff, but it also frees them up so they can focus on patient care. 

    3. Streamlined access to important EHRs - To prioritize and maximize time at a patient’s side, healthcare workers need technology that empowers them with quick access to clinical data. The right mobility solutions empower doctors to instantly access and update EHRs. When doctors have expanded access to data, this eliminates the risk for mistakes by ensuring smoother treatments. 

Mobility solutions can redefine how your hospital communicates and limit stress. Choose healthcare devices from SMG3Rx to boost patient care and keep workflows smooth. Contact us today to implement better communication in your hospital.